Keeping Our Building Secure

We want to assure you that your children are safe and will continue to grow physically, spiritually and emotionally at school. The safety and well-being of your child, our teachers and school staff is our top priority.

Listed below are steps we implemented to help increase our level of awareness.

  • Telephones have been installed in all classrooms
  • Walkie Talkies are in all classrooms
  • New locks were installed so they would lock from inside the classrooms
  • Front door and hallway doors are locked during class
  • New blinds have been installed in all classrooms and Fellowship hall to block the entire windows.

The Staff continues to meet with Fire, Police and Security expert to continue to keep our building secure.

After the tragedy at Sandy Hook, Tabor increased security by changing all exterior locks, adding doors that lock in the classroom, and installed new safety windows.