Our School

Tabor Christian Community Preschool is celebrating its 35 anniversary this year. There have been about 2,000 children that came to Tabor for their first school experience. Now some of our former students are bringing their own children! 

Tabor Christian Community Preschool was established in 1982 under the leadership of Carolyn Proctor and Pastor Dwayne Moon. Tabor Preschool was to be an outreach mission of the Church. Its purpose was to provide a Christian preschool to children in Branford and surrounding communities. The school opened with just 8 part-time students.

In 1988 Carolyn Proctor resigned as Director of the preschool. Sandy Figuralli and Diane Swartz, both lead teachers, were offered the position of Co-Directors. Both women were thrilled to able to continue teaching. Sandy and Diane’s first goal was to increase the size of the classrooms and add a bathroom in the 3 year old classroom. The additions were completed in 1991. The enrollment at Tabor was up to 50 children. Afternoon classes were added to give parents a choice of sessions and to increase the number of hours children could be at school.

In 2003 the playground was completely redone adding sand to the playground for better drainage and all new playground equipment was installed.

In February of 2003, Diane Swartz, became the sole Director of Tabor. Under the leadership of Diane, a strong, dedicated teaching staff and support of the Board of Directors Tabor continues to expand their programs and hours of operation.