Tabor preschool

Kindness & Compassion

TABOR Christian Community Preschool is committed to providing an environment that fosters a positive experience for each student. Children will learn appropriate skills to resolve conflicts and have their needs meet without using aggressive or destructive behaviors. It is the responsibility of each staff member to provide explanations on why behaviors such as hitting, biting, grabbing are not appropriate. It is not Tabor’s policy to use time-out. The staff will help a child redirect their activities. A conference will be arranged with parents if a child’s behavior is inappropriate and not conforming to a safe, happy environment. Our school’s social worker or Branford school system social worker may be called. The teacher, social worker and parents will work on a plan of action to help the child.

A child will be asked to leave Tabor if their behavior is putting the staff or another child in danger or is disrupting the class.

The following guidelines are in place.
  • No child will be ridiculed or verbally abused.
  • Children will not be physically restrained, unless necessary to prevent injury to the child or others.
  • No child will be rewarded or punished with food.
  • No child will be left in soiled or wet under garments.
  • No child will be criticized for having an accident.

The staff of Tabor Preschool will always treat our children and parents with kindness and compassion.

Keeping Our Building Secure

We want to assure you that your children are safe and will continue to grow physically, spiritually and emotionally at school. The safety and well-being of your child, our teachers and school staff is our top priority.

Listed below are steps we implemented to help increase our level of awareness.

  • Telephones have been installed in all classrooms
  • Walkie Talkies are in all classrooms
  • New locks were installed so they would lock from inside the classrooms
  • Front door and hallway doors are locked during class
  • New blinds have been installed in all classrooms and Fellowship hall to block the entire windows.

The Staff continues to meet with Fire, Police and Security expert to continue to keep our building secure. After the tragedy at Sandy Hook, Tabor increased security by changing all exterior locks, adding doors that lock in the classroom, and installed new safety windows.

Established in 1982

Tabor Christian Community Preschool was established in 1982 under the leadership of Carolyn Proctor and Pastor Dwayne Moon. Tabor Preschool was to be an outreach mission of the Church. Its purpose was to provide a Christian preschool to children in Branford and surrounding communities. The school opened with just 8 part-time students.

In 1988 Carolyn Proctor resigned as Director of the preschool. Sandy Figuralli and Diane Swartz, both lead teachers, were offered the position of Co-Directors. Both women were thrilled to able to continue teaching. Sandy and Diane’s first goal was to increase the size of the classrooms and add a bathroom in the 3 year old classroom. The additions were completed in 1991. The enrollment at Tabor was up to 50 children. Afternoon classes were added to give parents a choice of sessions and to increase the number of hours children could be at school.

In 2003 the playground was completely redone adding sand to the playground for better drainage and all new playground equipment was installed.

In February of 2003, Diane Swartz, became the sole Director of Tabor. Under the leadership of Diane, a strong, dedicated teaching staff and support of the Board of Directors Tabor continues to expand their programs and hours of operation. 

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