Kindness and Compassion

TABOR Christian Community Preschool is committed to providing an environment that fosters a positive experience for each student.  Children will learn appropriate skills to resolve conflicts and have their needs meet without using aggressive or destructive behaviors.  It is the responsibility of each staff member to provide explanations on why behaviors such as hitting, biting, grabbing are not appropriate.  It is not Tabor’s policy to use time-out.  The staff will help a child redirect their activities.

A conference will be arranged with parents if a child’s behavior is inappropriate and not conforming to a safe, happy environment.  Our school’s social worker or Branford school system social worker may be called.  The teacher, social worker and parents will work on a plan of action to help the child.

A child will be asked to leave Tabor if their behavior is putting the staff or another child in danger or is disrupting the class.

The following guidelines are in place.

  • No child will be ridiculed or verbally abused.
  • Children will not be physically restrained, unless necessary to prevent injury to the child or others.
  • No child will be rewarded or punished with food.
  • No child will be left in soiled or wet under garments. No child will be criticized for having an accident.

The staff of Tabor Preschool will always treat our children and parents with kindness and compassion.